Cornfield Point Association is a shoreline community in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. It offers its residents a nearly 3/4 mile wide waterfont on Long Island Sound. Residents and guests have access to private beaches, a boat launch ramp, and many convenient benches inviting restful water views of the Sound and distant Long Island.


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Kayak Racks on the Beach

Please be courteous to and considerate of your neighbors!

This is not a long-term storage facility. Remove your kayaks and surfboards and all associated equipment from the racks when you will not be using them for days, weeks or even months. You must have a sticker on your boat so that our personnel is sure the owner is a member of CPA. Otherwise the items may be removed from the beach!

Please cooperate with the staff of CPA and remove your equipment when you are not in residence.


Golf Carts - a Reminder

Owners and operators of these vehicles (residents and renters) need to be aware of the following when driving on public roads:

  1. Golf carts must be registered annually with the Town of Old Saybrook, call Police Department at 395-3142. You get a different-colored licence plate every year.
  2. Golf carts are considered motor vehicles by the police and must obey all trafic laws. That includes STOP signs, speed limits, and parking banns.
  3. Operators of golf carts must have a valid drivers licence; therefore, kids under the legal drivers age may not operate a golf cart.

Please drive carefully and be considerate of pedestrians and bicyclists!